Clon Digital will participate in the Teachnology Congress by Foredu in Valencia

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and we are keeping pace with it. Education is one of those fields that cares about development and innovation. Therefore, more and more centers, schools and colleges are incorporating the use of 3D design, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), or Augmented Reality (AR).

Hence, Clon Digital is the ideal platform to implement various technological advances in education. Thanks to its multitude of virtual rooms, teachers can involve their students in them. Also, the platform has a collection of resources that teachers can incorporate into these rooms or display in augmented reality. To do this, there is no need to download any application or software; you simply need to scan the corresponding QR code.

Teachnology: IV Congress of innovation, educational technology, and Showroom Classroom of the future – learning spaces

Foredu Solutions, a partner of Clon Digital, is the company that accompanies the technology of methodological and pedagogical support so that the arrival of technology in educational centers is like child’s play. On the next 23rd and 24th of April, it will celebrate Teachnology, the IV Congress of innovation, educational technology, and Showroom Classroom of the future – learning spaces at the Paraninfo of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

Teachnology is not just an educational congress; it is also the epicenter where education and technology merge to pave the way for a more advanced educational future. If you work within the educational sector and are concerned about its evolution, at Teachnology, you can speak directly with manufacturers, meet sector experts, and gain a comprehensive view to make informed decisions about the educational future of your center.

At Teachnology, you can visit 400m2 of innovation spaces and discover the largest Classroom of the Future in Valencia, equipped with the latest educational technology and tools for learning development. Also, you can attend different types of conferences on technology, innovation, and educational marketing, where you will learn the keys to grow your center. You can also enjoy workshops where you will discover and test everything that the educational future holds, hand in hand with great technological leaders.

It is a congress certified as a training action by the CEFIRE Valencia and by the Permanent Training Center of the UPV. Therefore, if you are a person concerned about the evolution of education, do not hesitate to sign up for the congress to learn and receive your certificate. We look forward to seeing you!