Unlimited Communication
Clon Digital is the platform that employs augmented and virtual reality to connect people in real- time.
Augmented Reality in Classrooms
Augmented reality brings three-dimensional examples to classrooms, providing students with any necessary visual aids to better comprehend the lesson.
Create and share immersive experiences in real-time with 3D models.
Ideal for dispersed teams to evaluate prototypes, give and receive training, technical consulting, guided tours, showrooms, and more.
Visual language is the language we all understand.
Share complex information in augmented or virtual reality using the universal language.


For businesses

At Clon Digital, we provide metaverse technology solutions that help your business thrive. From immersive rooms with three-dimensional elements to showrooms or your own products in augmented reality, our innovative approach will help you stand out in a constantly evolving digital world.

For educational institutions

Clon Digital eliminates the physical barriers of classrooms, allowing teachers and students to immerse themselves in three-dimensional environments, bringing all the knowledge of the world closer to the classrooms.

Some of our clients.

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