Clon Digital, the platform that includes all students

Equality is a fundamental value that must be taught from an early age. It is vital for educational institutions to promote and foster it in all their classes. We are all equal, regardless of our race, color, gender, or social class. Equality, respect, and education form the foundation of any society. Therefore, children must grow up in an environment that teaches them these values.

The development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has brought numerous advantages to the educational world. One of the main benefits is the inclusion of students by providing an accessible, personalized, interactive and collaborative educational environment that caters to the individual needs of all students. Therefore, ICT is increasingly present in different subjects.

The Clon Digital platform plays a vital role, as one of its main areas of focus is the educational world. Students can access our myriad of virtual rooms using their laptops or Chromebooks, without the need to install any software or application. Likewise, they can explore our collection of three-dimensional elements with a simple step: scanning a QR code. Therefore, using Clon Digital requires no investment of any kind; the platform can be accessed from any technological device.

Advantages of Using Clon Digital

Alumno prueba gafas de RV
Virtual Reality (VR) enables greater inclusion in the classroom

As a multiplatform solution, Clon Digital allows students to access educational content from various devices, ensuring that those with special needs or limitations can participate on equal terms. Furthermore, it allows for the generation of content tailored to the specific needs of each student. The inclusion of the Clon Digital platform is comprehensive.

Additionally, it offers the possibility to adapt educational content to the individual needs of each student, facilitating attention to diversity and the inclusion of students with different learning styles or skill levels. Each child can follow the didactic unit at their own pace. The incorporation of content (written or audiovisual) in virtual rooms allows it to be followed from home as well.

Providing immersive learning experiences in augmented and virtual reality helps improve students’ motivation, participation, and understanding, regardless of having special abilities or learning difficulties. Furthermore, Clon Digital facilitates collaboration between students and teachers through integrated communication tools, promoting an inclusive environment where all students can contribute and participate actively.

This fosters feedback in the classroom and improves class functioning as teachers can address aspects that children have commented on. The inclusion of the Clon Digital platform is comprehensive. Before entering a virtual room, each person chooses their own avatar. Therefore, there is no one wearing more expensive clothes, or with prettier eyes, or taller height.

Accessibility, personalized learning, immersive experiences, collaboration and communication and social equity are all possibilities for inclusion offered by the Clon Digital platform. So don’t stand still and ask us all your questions and doubts. We’re here waiting for you!