Clon Digital, experiences and learning in three dimensions

Welcome! Clon Digital is the platform that uses augmented and virtual reality to connect people in real-time. In this initial contact with you, we would like you to get to know us and understand what we do and how we can assist you.

Well, let’s start from the beginning. You have probably heard about augmented and virtual reality and all these new technologies that have come to stay. But do you know how they work? Both involve an interactive experience that enhances the real world through immersive technology. In other words, it is a technology that mimics a product, object, or place through a digital replica.

For instance, through augmented reality, I can see the digital replica of the sneakers I want to buy right from my own room. This way, by visualizing those sports shoes in three dimensions (3D), I can check if I really like them or if they match my style. On the other hand, thanks to virtual reality, I can immerse myself in a museum and explore the paintings of my favorite artists.

Therefore, both types of reality offer the option to observe the world around us from a different, much more technological and innovative perspective. Guiding the netizen through a city or a building, instructing them to complete a specific task within the classroom, showing them the product you have for sale in a physical space, or developing the content or information for a particular service are just a few of the opportunities they provide.

Alumnos planetas Realidad Aumentada
Some students visualize the solar system through augmented reality.

Clon Digital is the platform that uses augmented and virtual reality. Therefore, it is essential for your company or business. Our goal is to make people’s lives easier and enable them to fulfill the dreams they have always imagined in their minds. Now, all the images and ideas circulating in your head are possible and can be translated into a digital representation right in front of you.

Education and business are our main areas. Many businesses already trust us, as you can see on our website, but we are open to any opportunity and sector, and we will be happy to address all your questions. Augmented reality and virtual reality have become the new way to acquire knowledge, test products, or explore places, and Clon Digital is the ideal tool for this purpose.