About Clon Digital

What is Clon Digital?

Clon Digital is the platform which converts your products into Augmented Reality automatically in order to be shared three-dimensionally across the whole world easily.

A brief history of Clon Digital

  • On September 2014, Javier Cabañero met with Jorge Gutierrez at the coffeehouse La Vella from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and proposed him to erase the physical restrictions that the force of gravity exerts on the objects, in order to be sent and shared across the world easily. Clon Digital was born then, with a mission of eliminate the intermediate processes which existed back then, encompassing the moment the product is designed until it reaches the global market.
  • Desde Septiembre de 2014 hasta Febrero del 2016, el equipo inicial de Clon Digital (Javier Cabañero, Jorge Gutierrez y Alberto Martínez) se mantiene concentrado en su desarrollo.
  • On February of 2016, Jordi Oliver joins the team working remotely from Qatar.
  • On July of 2017 dypsela wins the cchallenge that the Global Omnium group made and enters their startup accelerator Sic Parvis Magna. En Julio del 2017 dypsela gana el reto lanzado desde el Grupo Global Omnium y entra en su aceleradora Sic Parvis Magna. From September of 2017 to June of 2019 the development came to a halt due to the change of focus to Global Omnium's projects.
  • On June of 2019 part from Clon DIgital initial team along with new developers ( Adrián Carboneras y Adrián Prieto), are focused intensively on developing Clon Digital.
  • On February 18th Clon Digital was born. It was presented publicly at the FEDAI headquartes in front of FEADAI and ANIEME.
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